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Grants - 2017 Award Process

Grants will be awarded to qualified grant applicants once a year, in August. In order to qualify, a grant request must be for funding of programs for the homeless population, with emphasis on but not limited to families, youth aged 18-24, and 55+ for emergency services providing shelter, medical assistance, food, clothing, hygiene, personal needs, etc.

Qualified grant applicants will submit an application outlining their proposal, the amount of funding requested, the budget for the project, and other pertinent information requested on the form. The applicant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the proposal with a request for additional information if the application is incomplete.

The Board will review all qualified applications and determine which requests will be funded for the current year. Applicants will receive either a letter of rejection or an acceptance letter and agreement with a check for the amount awarded. The agreement will include the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Grantee shall expend the grant funds exclusively for the stated purpose described in the grant proposal.

  2. The Grantee will submit a final report describing the results that have been accomplished by the use of the funds 60 days after the completion of the project supported by the grant, or 60 days after the end of the grant period.

  3. The Grantee will notify the Foundation of any changes to its IRS tax status. Should the status change, the Grantee agrees to return any unexpended funds to the Foundation.

  4. The Grantee agrees to repay any part of the grant funds that is not used for the stated purpose of the grant. Any unexpended grant funds remaining at the expiration of the grant period shall be returned to the Foundation.

  5. The Grantee agrees not to make public announcements or distribute press releases concerning this grant or any information regarding the Terry Lee Wells Foundation without prior written approval of the Foundation.

Schedule for Qualified Grant Requests and Awards:

June 15th: Deadline for applications for August funding

July 31st: Trustees approve grants

August 15th: Grantees receive awards

August 15th: Applicants notified if grant request not approved

The Board may make a distribution to other organizations at any time during the year, without requesting a formal application, if a special project is identified that the Trustees feel is worthy of funding. Those grants will be by invitation only. The invitation will provide detailed information and requirements for receiving the grant.

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